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If you love to write . . .

or long to write … and are serious about moving forward with a writing endeavor, my private workshops, retreats, and one-on-one intensives are the catalyst to start or begin again your story.

Whether you are working on a book, a launch plan for a new business or creative endeavor, or your own personal growth, I inspire, support, challenge, and get results.

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Kathy has brought out thoughts and words from me that I never thought of or expressed before. She has something going on in this workshop that can help many writers.

Joseph Sutton
Author of 10 books

As someone who is looking to up my writing practice and find my voice, I’ve found Kathy’s skillful facilitation to be a boon to my effort. Her savvy insight into the art and science of writing has been especially meaningful to me.

Mitchell Friedman, Ed.D
Career strategist and leadership educator