Charming notes and kind words of thanks from my files …

If a single trait stands out, it is Kathy’s insatiable appetite for learning. In short, she is mercilessly impatient if an assignment does not press her to the limit and give her a chance to experience/do something new. Over the past 25 years or so, I have worked with hundreds of talented men and women, but on this all-important dimension, I’d judge that Kathy has few, if any, peers.

Tom Peters
Management expert, speaker, and author of 16 books,
including In Search of Excellence

Friends keep telling me what a terrific piece you published about me, and I like it very much too, thanks to Kathy Dalle-Molle. She’s a first-class interviewer and writer who not only had done her homework and knew more about me than I did, but put me at ease immediately.

Cyra McFadden
Author of The Serial and Rain or Shine

I received two sets of F&Gs yesterday, and the book looks incredible—rich colors, the photos just pop off the page, the DayGlo yellow quotes actually seem to glow … great easily readable text, all of it perfect.

I can’t wait to be able to hold a finished book in my hands (and yours!).

Thanks for the extraordinary work you did to bring this book to life!!!

Rick Smolan
Creator of the Day in the Life book series
and the Human Face of Big Data project

Talent is common. Persistence is rare. You have both, plus an important further quality—the willingness to be honest, to tell all. Your writing is clear, specific, concrete, and you have vivid, important stories to tell.

Adair Lara
Author, teacher, and former columnist
for the San Francisco Chronicle