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I start my mornings by reading one of the reflections in Journey to the Heart by Melody Beattie. I’m almost always inspired, and at this point, I can’t imagine a time when opening this book and reading one of Beattie’s meditations wouldn’t be a part of my daily routine. This reflection is one of my favorites:

Learn to Live with Unfinished Projects

Whether your project is sewing a dress, reading a book, writing a book, building a home, or learning a lesson on your journey, learn to live comfortably with unfinished work. Whatever you’re working on, whatever you’re in the midst of doesn’t need to be finished, in perfect order, with all the loose ends in place for you to be happy.

For too many years, we worried and fretted, denying ourselves happiness until we could see the whole picture, learn the entire lesson, cross every t and dot each i. That meant we spent a lot of stressful time waiting for that one moment when the project was complete.

Enjoy the stages of the process you’re in. The first moments when the germ of the idea finds you. The time before you begin, when the seed lies dormant in the ground, getting ready to grow. The beginning, and all the days throughout the middle. Those bleak days, when it looks like you’re stuck and won’t break through. Those exciting days, when the project, the lesson, the life you’re building takes shape and form.

Be happy now. Enjoy the creative

process–the process of creating

your life, yourself, and the project

you’re working on–today. Don’t

wait for those finishing moments

to take pleasure in your work

and your life. Find joy all along

the way.

Onward and upward,


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