Write Now!


Write Now! is a monthly freewriting adventure that’s all about getting words on the page … happily, freely, without judgment or inhibition. I hope you’ll join me for one, two or all three of the upcoming dates this spring: March 3, April 7 and May 5.  For more details, please email me at dallemolle.kathy@gmail.com.

Here’s what a few recent participants have to say about Write Now!:

“As someone who is looking to up my writing practice and ‘find my voice,’ I’ve found Kathy’s skillful facilitation of our monthly writing group meetings to be a boon to my effort. Her savvy insight into the art and science of writing has been especially meaningful to me.”–Mitchell Friedman, Ed.D.

“At the first of Kathy’s prompts, we sit and write, quickly, furiously, with occasional sighs. We don’t stop for 10 minutes. So many words on the page, almost effortlessly. We have gathered, and we are writing. What a great feeling. Sometimes we read what we’ve written, sometimes we don’t. It’s okay. It’s always rewarding. I love Write Now!” –Beverly Tharp, photographer

“Write Now! has brought out thoughts and words from me that I never thought of or expressed before, and as a writer, I am always seeking new thoughts to write about. Kathy has something going on in this workshop that can help many writers.” –Joseph Sutton, author of 10 books



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